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About Panda Jenn Productions

Panda Jenn Productions is a hobby-based business, centered within

the furry community. Since 200l, our focus has been on producing

various types of media including art, comics, and videos. In

addition to these things, we also offer freelance art commissions

at a reasonable price.


Panda Jenn


For general inquiries

please email me at

and I'll get back to

you as soon as possible.

If you have a specific

question about

commissions, making

comics etc, check out

the FAQ as you might

find the answer there.




Usually found with his nose in code, Logan is the web-wiz behind the look and feel of the PJP Website and FNR Partner. If something looks wonky or breaks, give em a call.


Contact: Logansryche#6209 on Discord

Logansryche on Instagram


Telbert Skunk

Video Editor

The man... er, Skunk behind all those snazzy videos that pop up on the YouTube channel.



Disclaimer: All art here unless otherwise mentioned, is copyrighted to Jennifer Carnivele and is not to be taken without permission.

All other characters are © their respected companies.

Website is proudly hosted on WIX

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