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About Panda Jenn

Panda Jenn is the fursona of Jennifer Carnivele, lovable mascot for Panda Jenn Productions, and star of her very own webcomic. She has been spreading joy and entertaining the furry community since 2001.

Panda Jenn's creation was inspired by the work of Furry artist Candy Palmer. This was my introduction to the Furry Fandom. To put it simply: after I admired Candy's work for so long, I decided it was time I'd create my own Fursona and thus Panda Jenn was born. It's about as humble of a beginning as one can get. Panda Jenn was simply named after me as she was ment to be my representation in Furry form.
First draft of Panda Jenn cir.2001
By mid, 2003, Panda Jenn's appearance would become more defined. She officialy went live when my first art site "Jennifer's Studio" was launched.
Second draft of Panda Jenn cir.2003
By 2007, "Jennifer's Studio" was changed to "Panda Jenn Productions" and it was here that the webcomic, "Simply Panda Jenn" was lauched along side it.
Pages 1&2 of Simply Panda Jenn cir.2007
 Now, coming up on her 20th anniversary, Panda Jenn continues to charm and inspire fans to this very day just as she was inspired by another's creation, all those years ago.
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