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Interested in a commission?
Before you submit your information please take time to read my rules and conditions.

Commission status
Commission Work Days: Mon, Wed & Fridays

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Order and Fulfillment Process
*You will first need to fill out a commission form.
*Once submitted, you will receive an email from me with your total and payment info.
*You will be expected to send payment upfront.
*Once payment is sent, you will receive a link to where progress can be tracked.
*When it's time, you will receive a notice via email that your commission has started.
*You will receive a sketch preview via the email you provided.
*Finally, you will receive the finished commission via the email you provided.
Terms of Service
Please read the following rules and guidelines.
Failure to do so will result in your commission request being declined.
*Prices are listed in the price guide/commission menu
*I have the right to refuse service to anyone
*Commission slots are first come first serve.
*Customers gain a slot by filling out the commission form.
*Reference images are mandatory
*If you are ordering more then one commission, please fill out seperate forms per order.
*Please be specific(clear and to the point) when including commission details.
*If you are commissioning a fan character/OC, state where they're from.
*If I need additional info, please be as prompt as possible with it.
Failure to do so will result in cancelation with refund.
*Commissions will be completed in the order they were received
*Paid commissions get priority over those waiting for payment
*Commission completion times will vary as real-life takes priority
*Refunds will be given upon request. However, if a commission was started, a refund will be minus a 25% abort charge.
Under no circumstances will I draw anything mechanical, adult situations
involving minors, graphic violence, hate towards any race/religion
gender/sexual preference, other people's OC's (unless you have their permission),
or anything that contains gore, vore, zoophilia/bestiality, defecation, urination or
diaper fetish.  If you attempt to commission any of these I will no longer
accept commissions from you for any dollar amount
*For questions regarding commissions, please visit the FAQ
Track your Commission via Trello here
What commissioners are saying about PandaJenn Productions
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